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Why use CBT to tackle stress, anxiety, panic, phobia, fear...?

This programme is based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) because this is the most effective method for tackling stress, anxiety and panic.

What does CBT mean?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In the USA it is known as Cognitive Therapy (CT) - but it is exactly the same approach. The components of CBT are:

The 'T' or Therapy bit of CBT focuses on addressing our difficulty by assessing and addressing each of the 4 components above. It is the most researched and endorsed approach for anxiety problems, recommended above all other approaches by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for use in the NHS ( this guidance can be found on the NICE website).


How does CBT and this programme tackle stress / anxiety / panic?

This programme addresses cognitions or thoughts:

This programme addresses actions or behaviour

This programme addresses bodily sensations

This programme addresses emotion or feelings

CBT helps us to become more aware of our helpful and unhelpful thinking and behaviour. Then it gives us the tools address our unhelpful patterns systematically, helping us to learn to cope and be less limited by our thoughts and actions.


This Stress CD programme is guaranteed

Remember, I'm so confident in this programme that I offer a 100% no quibble money-back guarantee if the programme doesn't meet your expectations.


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