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What's in the CBT stress and anxiety management programme?

This program includes the proven techniques for addressing, controlling or managing your thoughts or cognitions, bodily feelings and tension, and for facing-up to situations which are anxiety-provoking and therefore usually avoided.

The CBT stress and anxiety management programme has two parts:

  1. Audio: 70-minutes stress management programme teaching you about stress, how to recognise the important aspects of it and how to address it (more detail below).
  2. Worksheets: supports the audio part of the programme by helping us plan, record and address our stress-related thinking and actions (see the Free worksheets page).

The stress management audio tracks

iPod stress management audio

  1. Stress explained - where is comes from, why it is normal, how it effects us (3.19). Free sample
  2. Introduction to breath control physical relaxation - use your breathing to relax physically and take your attention away from what is stressing you (2.56)
  3. Breath control physical relaxation instructions (6.08)
  4. Introduction to total muscular physical relaxation - learn to comprehensively relax (1.58)
  5. Total muscular physical relaxation instructions (19.44) Free sample
  6. Introduction to release-only physical relaxation - a technique with no pre-tensing of the muscles (1.54)
  7. Release-only physical relaxation instructions - no tensing (16.08)
  8. Introduction to rapid relaxation - to relax quickly when you need to (.59)
  9. Rapid breath control relaxation instructions (1.54)
  10. Rapid muscular relaxation instructions (1.53)
  11. How our thoughts cause and maintain stress (5.22) Free sample
  12. How to think in a less stressful way (6.25)
  13. The importance of facing up to and managing stressful situations (2.03)
  14. How to face up to and manage stressful situations (3.17)   

CBT stress and anxiety management worksheets

See the Free stress and anxiety management worksheets page for these.


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